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    Obama believes that diplomacy is easier to get people to support it. After Lieutenant George W. Bush , Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld ,Scarpe Hogan Outlet Online who did enormous damage , the United States needs a complete understanding of the reality of a multipolar world, ready to try President of diplomacy.

    Blinken on the (CBS) U.S. television station CBS said , "We chose ( Putin ) member of the core group , and those that have a significant impact on the Russian economy and we selected these and other companies controlled by the central http://www.cemi-campus.it/Scarpe-Hogan-Outlet-Online/ figure. "

    Obama: For us it is important that additional measures should be taken to release a clearer signal urged Russia to stop undermining regional stability in Ukraine to take action . If Russia continues its movement provocation, rather Hollister Online Shop Deutschland than trying to peaceful means to solve this problem , it will have a serious and persistent consequences.

    [AFP , Vienna, April 27 -] A spokesman for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, these two observers of the organization today at a checkpoint in eastern Ukraine was briefly detained . Ukrainian police make when they are released.

    This raises the height of the provisional http://www.public-theology.de/Hollister-Online-Shop-Deutschland/government of Ukraine tense. Uzbekistan then asked Russia for military exercises within 48 hours to explain. At the present time has passed, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on 26 back to Russia today is 28 in Vienna launched consultations on this issue will also invite other military exercises Russia and Ukraine to Russia expressed concern over the border areas of the country to attend.

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